August 2, 2014 - Personal Shrines PlayDay

Saturday, August 2  •  10:30am-2:00pm  •  Sandy Bartholomew

What is a personal "shrine"?

Whatever it means to you -
• a religious mini-altar
• a memorial to a loved one
• an assemblage or collage of an event or memory
• a voodoo doll-like exorcism or "letting go"
• a 3-D reminder of goals or dreams
• a fictional depiction of a story
• a collection of objects in a box....

Your shrine may be constructed using a wooden or cardboard box, inside a cereal box or book, inside a small drawer or other container. Bring an object or box to use as your main piece.

I also have a die-cutter with various shapes and sizes of shrine frames - so if you would like to use the cutter (it is very easy), bring pretty paper, cardboard, thin metal, fabric... whatever substrate you would like to use.

Bring objects to put in your shrine... photos, little toys, doll furniture, etc.

Bring things to decorate it with ... beads, buttons, broken jewelry, pins, hardware, etc.

I will have "stuff" available to use as well as paints, glue, scissors.

Since we will be working through lunch, please bring food - for yourself or to share. Water and a K-cup machine are available in the studio.

This is not a formal class, but rather, a "PlayDay" so the schedule is open - come and go as you need. We will probably work later than 2, but please arrive before then if you want to participate.

Class Fee: Donation$ to the Tip Jar

Note: Students get 20% off purchases in the shop on the day of their class, but please bring cash or checks. There is an ATM at Sugar River Bank and inside the Foothills restaurant.