Now There is STUFF!

We moved the fixtures and furniture from the old Wingdoodle shop to the new Studio space at CCAC on the windiest day yet. But now the room doesn't echo and it's starting to show its potential.

The big Mannequin was resting from the exhausting trip and climb up the stairs.

It's going to take some more moving around of furniture until I figure out exactly where it all fits, but the space is sorting itself out into five or so sections. The entry/shop, the classroom, the resource library, the storage area, and my mini studio.

Entry space

Classroom-ish space
Resource library/meeting space

 Today I repurposed a pretty grubby, but HUGE, fabulous bookcase from the gymnasium (the art center is in an old elementary school). It started out as a beat up cranberry color with a pressboard type back.

I painted the back as a chalkboard and the rest matches the blue of the felt I put over all the cork boards.

I was inspired to use the same color to paint a nasty little cabinet that had been left in the room. I covered the icky pink interior with a cheerful yellow.

Now I am moving the furniture around again! It's like a big puzzle but it's starting to look really nice.